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Wooden constable's truncheon with a straight shaft, narrowing at the handle. Remains of paint over the entire surface, which is much worn, and traces of emblems.

constable's staff

1 item (description level: whole)
Additional names, titles, or classifications
object name (unclassified):  constable's staff
object name (Horniman Ethno.):  constable's staffs

Northamptonshire, England, UK, British Isles, Western Europe, Europe
Additional place information
made or collected:  Daventry, Northamptonshire 
Date made
Additional date information
date made:  1744 

Materials and techniques
wood; paint
Additional material & technique information
material: wood (overall)
material: paint (overall)
overall: 604 mm x 39 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 604 mm x 39 mm

vendor:  Moss, J. Newton  sale 1900-11

Related subjects
theme: War- and Peace-making
object name (unclassified): constable's staffs
object name (Horniman Ethno.): constable's staffs
material: paint
material: wood

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