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After the Storm in the Horniman Gardens

If you visited last week, you will have seen that on some days parts or all of the Gardens had to be closed. This was to allow the Gardens team, to inspect each of the trees and clear away any damage caused by the gale force winds of St. Jude.

Many of the trees suffered damage to branches in the storm, and a tree surgeon needed to make sure these were brought down and removed safely.

We also lost 4 complete trees. Two fell in the high winds and 2 more had to be felled as they were left severely damaged and unsafe. Then work began to remove some of the stumps left behind.

One of the trees which had to be felled last week was a large Ash. Gardener Andrea managed to catch the event on camera.

The tree had suffered severe damage to a large branch, and upon investigating and climbing the tree to remove this it became clear it was not safe to leave the rest of the tree standing.

It is a shame to see mature trees like this Ash come to an end, particularly since many people are familiar with the older trees in the Gardens, but in the end their removal can be vital for the safety of visitors.

The Horniman's Head of Horticulture, Wes, explains that for the Gardens team it is important to look on the positive side after an event like this, to see an opportunity to think again about plans for the space, and future replanting.

This tree's stump will be left in the ground for visitors to discover. It's the perfect chance to explore nature and perhaps even discover the age of this tree by counting the rings.


  • Haydon


    It is so sad to see magnificent trees like these coming down, but it's just nature and the natural process really. I'm sure the Gardens Team have plans for planting more trees. I love the fact you are leaving the stumps behind for visitors to explore.

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