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Giving Tuesday

Did you know the Horniman is a charity? Today, #GivingTuesday, is a global day of giving created to celebrate the charitable sector and the good work it does.

We welcomed more than 900,000 people through our doors this year – what do you do when you visited the Horniman?

  • Giving Tuesday, We have around 9,500 Musical Instruments in our collection representing music making around the world.
    We have around 9,500 Musical Instruments in our collection representing music making around the world.

Were you part of a school group visit? We teach 25,000 school children a year in special lessons focusing on subjects like Ancient Egypt and Evolution. We also have self-led groups of school children visiting us to see our Walrus and to learn about natural history, world cultures and musical instruments.

Maybe you have been to one of our community group sessions? We have worked with 39 groups this year including our Youth Panel. Our Youth Panel is a great way for young visitors to get involved at the Horniman, plan events and meet new people. So far this year they have met 31 times and eaten around 1,500 slices of pizza.

Have you been to our Hands on Base to handle a hedgehog or try on a snow leopard costume? Last year we had more than 22,000 people with family and community groups exploring our handling collection.

  • Giving Tuesday, Our Hands on Base has more than 3500 which you can pick up and handle. ,  Magan Tylor
    Our Hands on Base has more than 3500 which you can pick up and handle. ,  Magan Tylor

You can’t have visited the Horniman without walking through our beautiful Gardens. We hold a large number of free events and activities in our Gardens every year. This year’s highlights were our fantastic Festa Julina and our Horniman Carnival.

Maybe you have come here with your little ones. Our Busy Bees sessions are always popular. This year we have held 195 of these free sessions for almost 5,000 under five-year-olds. These sessions cost us around £15,000 every year.

Perhaps you have visited our Aquarium. Our Aquarium is doing ground-breaking research reproducing coral in captivity as part of Project Coral.

  • Giving Tuesday, This year we celebrated another success for Project Coral as our reef-building coral spawned in the Aquarium.
    This year we celebrated another success for Project Coral as our reef-building coral spawned in the Aquarium.

Tell us your favourite thing about the Horniman on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging #horniman.

Donate to the Horniman and help us keep running all the events and activities you love.

Summer Raffle winners

Check your tickets! We're announcing the winners of the 2016 Summer Raffle.

  • Summer Raffle winners, Our raffle and fundraising activities help us produce free events such as our popular Horniman Carnival.
    Our raffle and fundraising activities help us produce free events such as our popular Horniman Carnival.

A very big thank you to all those who bought raffle tickets during this summers’ Festival of Brasil and helped support the charitable work of the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

We raised an amazing £2,625 which will support our educational programmes, the conservation of our collections, the maintenance of our buildings and will help us to programme more fantastic free events in future.

The ten lucky winners are:

Meet the Animals – Wendy Klein (07961)
Behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium – Sue Henderson (08468)
A free Family Membership – Raj Joneja (06643)
Family ticket to Dinosaurs: Monster Families – Joolz (08919)
£50 voucher for the Café – Fernando (07991)
Cuddly Walrus – Kirsty (06639); Andrew Eastham (07943); Viv (08707); Paul Williams (06893); Margaret (06875)

To claim your prize please contact fundraising@horniman.ac.uk. All winners must provide the tickets listed above as proof of purchase.

Find out more about supporting the Horniman, including details of our Membership scheme.

Saving Coral Reefs

Did you know we are doing ground-breaking coral research behind-the-scenes? Our Aquarium Curator, Jamie Craggs, tells us about the threat to coral reefs around the world and how we are working to solve it.

‘Coral reefs are incredibly diverse habitats. One square metre of coral reef contains as many different types of animals (genera) as a whole hectare of Amazon rainforest.

They also support millions of people through food security, coastal protection and income through tourism.

But coral reefs are under threat. Human activities like pollution, overfishing and climate change mean we are losing coral reefs at an alarming rate.

How do we stop this?

The only way to understand how to recover the coral reefs is to understand coral reproduction. We need to look at the way reefs naturally rebuild themselves, so that we can help the process.

In their natural habitat, most corals reproduce over one or two nights a year during a mass spawning event. All coral in one area spawn at once and the event is dependent on the right climatic conditions, temperature and phases of the moon. 

But once or twice a year is a very short time to study coral reproduction!

That’s where Project Coral comes in.

What is Project Coral?

Project Coral is a research project looking at coral reproduction led by the Horniman Museum and Gardens along with international partners. The main aims of Project Coral are:

1. To understand reproduction.
Coral have occasionally spawned in aquariums, but it has always been accidental. By understanding what makes coral tick in the wild, we have created a research system which mimics their natural environment. This allowed us to produce the first planned spawning event in an aquarium in 2013. We are now developing protocols so that corals can be spawned at different times of the year.

2. To share our knowledge.
If the research community has access to the same set up as ours then we could potentially be looking at far more spawning events every year then we currently have. This would give us more chance to study how coral reproduction will be affected by future ocean conditions as a result of climate change.

3. To help restore the coral reefs.
Once we have more opportunity to study coral we, along with the international scientific community, will have more of a chance to produce baby coral which can be used to reseed dying reefs.

4. To supplement the hobby trade.
If we get to a point where we can produce baby coral, we might also be able to produce them for the aquarium trade, a practise that will provide alternative sustainable income for people that rely on coral reefs.’

Read more about Project Coral.

You can help save the coral reefs by supporting Project Coral research.

What does a Student Volunteer do?

Our Student Volunteer, Liberté Reilly, tell us about her placement in our Communications and Income Generation department. 

'Hello! This is Liberté, and I am doing a Student Volunteer placement here at the Horniman Museum and Gardens. This placement is an important part of my Masters of Museum Studies program that I am currently completing at the University College London. It means that I can get real world experience as well as spending ridiculous amounts of hours in the library.

For this placement, I am stationed in the CIG department. Most of you may not know about CIG. CIG stands for Communications and Income Generation. When it comes to museums, most people don’t always realise how they fund, organise, and promote all their exciting events, new objects, and special projects. That’s where we come in! CIG is where projects (and dreams!) become reality.

My volunteering role is specifically with the membership and fundraising team in CIG. I have been updating membership files and connecting Gift Aid forms with members. Gift aid is a really amazing government charity tax relief program that allows the Museum to gain 25% more per donation. You only have to be a UK taxpayer and fill out a simple form. Say someone donates £10 and completes a Gift Aid form - the museum would receive £12.50. Pretty cool, right?

With the fundraising team, I have been researching different trusts and funding bodies who would be interested in the Horniman Aquarium’s Project Coral.

If you haven’t heard of Project Coral you should check it out! Simply put, Project Coral is about finding the right conditions in a lab to create baby corals. In the wild, corals only reproduce once or twice a year under very specific conditions. The three person team here did a world first when they intentionally spawned broadcast corals in captivity in 2013. The project is ongoing and could really help coral and climate change researchers, aquariums and all the people and marine life who depend on coral reefs.

Along with researching possible funders, I have been learning about corals and have even started writing applications for the project.

  • What does a Student Volunteer do?, Project Coral− © Jamie Cragg
    Project Coral

Another of my tasks has been to research online donation aka those little donate buttons you find on charity websites. I looked into where those links went and compiled a report about the online donation sites and how they worked. My report included a series of recommendations for how the Horniman could use these sites for general donations and special projects (like Project Coral!).

The best part about CIG, and the Horniman, is how passionate everyone is! As part of CIG, we get to hear about all the cool projects, ideas and events from all the interesting people who work across the Horniman. Many of these are upcoming or still in development.

I hope now you’ll think of the CIG team when you see beautiful videos about the Museum, browse in the shop, go to an event, discover new objects in the collection or become a member! Don’t forget to Gift Aid it!'

Learn more about volunteering at the Horniman

Summer Raffle

Win some fantastic prizes in our Summer Raffle. 

Tickets are just £1, or 6 for £5, and are available at the Horniman until 4 September 2016. Look out for ticket sellers at all Festival of Brasil events or visit the Ticket Desk.

The draw will take place on Friday 9 September.

All proceeds help support the work of the Horniman Museum and Gardens (Charity Registration Number 802725).

The prizes are:

Aquarium Tour

Join a curator for a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of our much-loved aquarium.

The tour is for up to 5 visitors and available Monday – Friday. Prize must be taken up by 31 December 2016, dates subject to availability.
Find out more about the Aquarium.

Meet the Animals

An exclusive opportunity to meet the residents of our Animal Walk, including alpacas, goats, guinea pigs and chickens.

The tour is for up to 5 visitors and available Monday – Friday. Prize must be taken up by 31 December 2016, dates subject to availability.
Find out more about the Animal Walk.

Meal in the Café

Treat yourself with our delicious selection of hot and cold meals, amazing cakes and locally-sourced drinks.

Voucher for all food and drink up to £50. The voucher can be used any time during usual Café opening hours. Valid until 31 December 2016.
Find out more about the Café.

Tickets to Dinosaurs: Monster Families

Discover the world of dinosaurs and their young in our family-focused interactive exhibition. The winner will receive a free family ticket for two adults and two children, valid until 30 October 2016.
Find out more about Dinosaurs: Monster Families.

Horniman Family Membership

Enjoy a year of fantastic benefits including free and unlimited entry to the Aquarium and our temporary exhibitions, and a 10% discount in our Shop.
Find out more about Membership.

Plus, five more winners will receive one of our famous cuddly walrus toys!

Terms and Conditions

1. Closing date 04/09/2016.
2. Entry is via tickets purchased at the Horniman Museum and Gardens only. Entrants must provide details of their chosen contact method. Please keep the ticket as proof of purchase.
3. The prize winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries received by the closing date. The decision is final and non-negotiable.
4. The winner of each prize will be notified by their chosen contact method by 12/09/2016. The winners must claim the prize within two weeks or they will be considered forfeited and another draw will take place.
5. Winners may be asked to provide a photograph or to be photographed and interviewed to provide a quote about winning in order to help promote future fundraising.
6. Entrants must be over 16 and resident in UK.
7. No cash alternative.
8. Prizes are non-transferable.
9. The Horniman Museum and Gardens reserves the right to substitute the prizes with a prize of similar value at its own discretion.
10. The Horniman Museum & Gardens reserves the right to withdraw or amend the raffle as necessary due to circumstances outside its control.
11. By entering the raffle, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these rules.
12. Employees of the Horniman Museum and Gardens, their agencies and other companies directly involved in the running of the raffle are not permitted to enter.
13. The competition is run by the Horniman Museum and Gardens, 100 London Road, London SE23 3PQ

We are committed to protecting your privacy in line with the Data Protection Act. The data you have supplied will be held securely. We will not share this information with any third party without your consent.

Thank you for supporting the Horniman.

The Horniman nominated for Sainsbury’s Local Charity of the Year

The Horniman Museum and Gardens has been nominated for Charity of the Year in our local Forest Hill branch.

You can now vote for us in store with a token or vote online by visiting Sainsbury’s Local Charity, searching for your local Forest Hill store by postcode and then casting your vote.

Raising funds is key to keeping the Museum and Gardens open and accessible, and our charitable status has helped us to spread knowledge about different people, cultures, creatures and habitats to many people over the years.

The winning charity will receive a year’s worth of fundraising and awareness raising so get your votes in before 26 June!  

Would you like to donate to the Horniman Museum and Gardens? You can give a one off donation or become a member of the Horniman, which comes with a whole host of benefits.

Project Coral at Charterhouse Aquatics

On Saturday 14 November, Charterhouse Aquatics hosted a fundraising event at their showroom in Haggerston to raise awareness and support for the ground-breaking Project Coral.

A couple of years ago, the Horniman Aquarium became the first institution globally to purposefully reproduce broadcast coral in captivity. This significant achievement led to Project Coral, an innovative coral sexual reproductive research project, run by the Horniman Aquarium with international partners.

The current phase of the project is mirroring in the Horniman laboratory the conditions of the wild reefs, to predictably spawn broadcast coral. We do this using microprocessor technologies to explore the influences of the lunar cycle, diurnal changes, seasonal temperature changes, solar irradiation patterns and nutritional input on gamete (egg and sperm) production and release.

In time, the aim is to push the laboratory reef into a future environmental state. This will allow the team to investigate the effects of climate change on coral reproduction before it happens in the wild; and to understand what is needed to preserve this vital element of the world’s ecology and economy.

The Charterhouse Aquatics event was a great success in generating public awareness for Project Coral and raising vital funds. Customers, hobbyists and the general public met with Jamie and there were three fascinating presentations throughout the day and evening, a DJ spinning tunes, a raffle and a chance to see a stunning Project Coral tank display now on show at Charterhouse Aquatics.


Collected and Possessed, a new exhibition

Last night the Horniman was a hive of activity as we held the private view of our beautiful new exhibition with artist Mark Fairnington, 'Collected and Possessed'.

It was a great chance for art lovers, funders and Benefactors of the Horniman to get up close to the vast canvases that Mark has produced.

The exhibition is a wonderful collaboration between an artist and a museum, and Mark has managed to bring objects from our stores, many of which are rarely seen even by our behind-the-scenes staff, and present them in breath-taking detail.

One of my favourite pieces is Prodigy, which is displayed opposite two life-size paintings of imposing bulls. Unlike the bovine counterparts, Prodigy is an intimate snapshot of an eye, rendered in hyper-realism, with very fine detail that highlights each individual hair.

My favourite piece, Prodigy

The painting is so detailed even the eye reflects a figure back at the viewer, encouraging you to evaluate and reconsider the idea of looking at an object, and it looking back.

This exhibition is also a first for the Horniman, as it was a generously crowd funded by our fans with the support of the Art Fund. The exhibition opens November 28th until January 24th, so be sure not to miss it, whether you love art, the Horniman, or both, this exhibition is a must see.

To help support our future exhibitions, why not become a member or donate to the Horniman, information here

Introducing Mark Fairnington

We began a fundraising appeal last week so we could stage an exhibition of Mark Fairnington's art.

We really want to bring Mark's art to the Horniman, as many of his paintings are inspired by our collections.

But in case you don't know him, we thought we should introduce his excellent artworks.

We hope you'll love Mark's art as much as we do - to help us stage his exhibition, visit Art Happens to donate.


Help us reveal the Horniman's hidden world

Yesterday, we announced a new fundraising campaign here at the Horniman. Here's our curator Jo Hatton and artist Mark Fairnington to tell you more.

We've teamed up with Art Fund for #arthappens - we want to stage an exhibition here later this year by the artist Mark Fairnington. To do so, we need to raise £9,500 in just eight weeks.

Mark Fairnington has been visiting the Horniman for several years, exploring the secret specimens which we keep in store.

He creates wonderful, slightly unusual paintings which give a glimpse of the animals as they are in store.

  • Face Monkey by Mark Fairnington, We need to raise £9,500 in just eight weeks to mount Mark's exhibition Collected and Possessed.
    We need to raise £9,500 in just eight weeks to mount Mark's exhibition Collected and Possessed.

  • Box Bird by Mark Fairnington, We need to raise £9,500 in just eight weeks to mount Mark's exhibition Collected and Possessed.
    We need to raise £9,500 in just eight weeks to mount Mark's exhibition Collected and Possessed.

We'd love to have an exhibition here of Mark's paintings - but we need to raise the money.

In return for your help, you'll get great rewards - like prints, postcards, tote bags and more - and you'll play your part to fund great art.


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