Find Fungi

Autumn is a great time to spot fungi and many different kinds are popping up all over the place. Take a walk along our Nature Trail or take a peek into our Wildlife Garden and you will be amazed by what you might see.


There are 3000 different types of fungi in Britain alone. It is the group that includes our familiar mushrooms and toadstools. Fungi come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Unlike green plants, they cannot make their own food. Instead, they need living or dead plants on which to feed. This is why you often find them on rotting wood or attached to old trees.


Fungi on Horniman Nature Trail   Close up image of fungi on Horniman Nature Trail


Out of the many thousands of fungi, only a few are deadly poisonous. Some have names like Death Cap, Destroying Angel and The Sickener which gives a good clue as to what might happen if they are eaten! So, unless you are with a mushroom expert, do not pick and eat wild mushrooms just in case.

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