Plant Quiz

1. This is one of the oldest living trees. Some live for as long as a thousand years. What tree is it?

(a) Hornbeam
(b) Beech
(c) English Oak

2. These hand shaped leaves are from a Horse Chestnut tree. What are the seeds of this tree called. (Clue: people often play games with them in the Autumn).

(a) Acorns
(b) Conkers

3. These are leaves from a tree which has a grey-white trunk. Which tree is it?

(a) Ash
(b) Silver birch
(c) Beech

4. The wood from this tree is very hard. It is used to make things like musical instruments, chopping boards and wooden skittles. What tree is it?

(a) English Oak
(b) Beech
(c) Hornbeam

5. Which tree are these leaves from?

(a) Beech
(b) English Oak
(c) Hornbeam

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