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Booking information

Please note that these events are only suitable for children aged 7 +.
Places are limited and admission will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
Please queue at the designated area; outside the advertised venue.

About this event

Come and meet our curators and other experts and find out about what excites the Horniman, from beetles that live in horse poo to why we wear what we do.

Friday 25 July: Dress to Express Yourself
Join Tom Crowley, our Assistant Curator of Anthropology. Do you dress like your grandparents? Find out why fashions are changing high in the mountains of Pakistan and all over the world.
In the Hands on Base.

Friday 1 August: Hair today, gone tomorrow?
Join Catherine Basford, our Animal Keeper. Meet Majestic, Daisy, George and others to find out how many of our sheep breeds are endangered. See some examples of our wool and how it has been traditionally spun and knitted.
In the Animal Walk

Friday 8 August: A World of Music
Join Margaret Birley, our Keeper of Musical Instruments and Mimi Waitzman, our Deputy Keeper of Musical Instruments. Tell us how music is part of your life and find out about how music is part of people’s lives around the world.
In the Hands on Base.

Friday 15 August: Beetling around
Join Jo Hatton, our Keeper of Natural History. Discover why she enjoys nothing more than spending a warm summer’s day looking for beetles in dung!
In the Education Centre.

Friday 22 August: Gold Dust and Hidden Codes
Join Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, our Assistant Curator of Anthropology. Learn the hidden codes the Akan people from Ghana used to measure gold dust and share secret messages, then have a go at making your own message.
In the Hands on Base.

Friday 29 August: Bones and Skeletons
Join Paolo Viscardi, our Deputy Keeper of Natural History. See and touch different animal skeletons and find out why we all need them for different things.
In the Hands on Base.