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A fine product of the maker who collaborated with H. Klosé in designing the clarinet system which has been the standard since c.1840.

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Clarinet. Nominal pitch: C. Boxwood with brass ferrules and keywork. Five pieces: mouthpiece (missing), barrel, left hand joint, integral right hand/lower joint, bell. The barrel is slightly bulbous. The bell has a low flare, and its rim is missing. The joints are lapped with red thread. Standard plain 'Boehm' system of 17 keys and 6 rings. Keys, saltspoon type (with domed flaps), in pillars. The ferrules have a median ridge. The thumb-rest is a shaped peg. Inscribed on the left hand joint: 'A. BUFFET/JNE/PARIS/BRÉVITÉ'; on other joints: A. BUFFET/JNE/PARIS'.


Musical Instruments

422.211.2 (single) clarinets with cylindrical bore, with fingerholes
Broad category
Musical Instruments, Aerophone
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  clarinet
object name:  clarinet
catalogue title:  422.211.2 (single) clarinets with cylindrical bore, with fingerholes
display title:  422.211.2 (single) clarinets with cylindrical bore, with fingerholes

Additional maker information
Buffet, Auguste, jeune
Paris, Ile de France, France; Europe
Additional place information
Date made
circa 1845
Additional date information
circa 1845 

overall: 505 x 72 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 505 x 72 mm

Related subjects
object name (AAT): clarinets
classified as: 422.211.2 Individual reedpipes with single reeds with cylindrical bore with fingerholes

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