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Fiddle, banam type, hollowed from a single piece of wood and decorated with a stamped pattern of concentric circles. The waisted body is in two sections; the lower is roughly cylindrical. The upper section is wider and the walls at the waist and the shoulder are shaped into points. It is open at the front. The lower part of the resonator is covered with a piece of hide, pegged onto the walls, with the fur side inwards. The pegbox is square with an open front, and two lateral pegs. It is decorated with a geometric pattern of incised lines. The finial is carved in the shape of a drummer playing a double-membrane (madar type) drum.


fiddle; banam
Musical Instruments

Broad category
Musical Instruments, Chordophone
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  fiddle; banam
object name:  necked fiddle
object name:  banam
catalogue title:  321.321-71

Orissa, India; Asia
Additional place information
Date made
19th century
Additional date information
19th century 

overall: 752 x 228 x 120 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 752 x 228 x 120 mm

This instrument has a back and neck that are carved from a single piece of wood.

Related subjects
object name: banams
object name: fiddles

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