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Spectacles with tortoiseshell and brass frames, and one tinted lens, in a red lacquered case that is probably made of paper or card.

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spectacles; spectacles case

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Additional names, titles, or classifications
object name (Horniman Ethno.):  spectacles
object name:  spectacles case

no data available
Additional place information
made or collected:  no data available 

Materials & techniques
glass; wood; brass; tortoiseshell; paper; lacquer; string
Additional material & technique information
material: tortoiseshell (frames)
material: brass (frames)
material: glass (lenses)
material: wood (case)
material: paper (case)
material: lacquer (case)
material: string (case)

Related subjects
theme: Health and Healing
material: brass
material: glass
material: lacquer
material: paper
object name (Horniman Ethno.): spectacles
object name: spectacles cases
material: string
tortoise shell
material: tortoiseshell
material: wood

Record created 2005-01-07 by JSTRIBBLEHILL
Record last updated 2013-09-03 by ADOVE