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Pair of pellet bells (Horniman Museum M6.12.65/202 and M6.12.65/203). Two brass crotals on strings with fabric bobbles attached. Each crotal has one pellet, a loop on top, much cast decoration, a slit in its lower half and two or four dots in relief on each side.


Musical Instruments

112.13 vessel rattles
Broad category
Musical Instruments, Idiophone
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  crotals
object name:  pellet bell
catalogue title:  112.13 vessel rattles
display title:  112.13 vessel rattles

Palestine; Asia
Additional place information
Date made
late 19th or early 20th century
Additional date information
late 19th or early 20th century 

Materials & techniques
copper alloy
Additional material & technique information
material: copper alloy (overall)

These bells were used for traders' pack animals travelling the major land routes of Asia, such as the Silk Routes.

Related subjects
object name: crotals
classified as: 112.13 Vessel rattles

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