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Duct flute. A wooden pipe, stained red, with a conical exterior narrowing towards the the distal end. The proximal end has a beak-shaped mouthpiece. The mouth is rectangular. There are seven round, equally spaced fingerholes and one thumbhole. Nine metal ferrules encircle the body, two above the fingerholes, one between each fingerhole and one at the foot. Alternate ferrules are decorated with embossed wire work designs. The lower ferrule, which is decorated, flares at the bottom, to create a rim at the lower end of the instrument.


duct flute
US 209
Musical Instruments

1 item (description level: whole)

421.221 (single) flutes with internal duct
Broad category
Musical Instruments, Aerophone
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  duct flute
object name:  duct flute
object name (AAT):  fipple flute
catalogue title:  421.221 (single) flutes with internal duct

Burma; Asia
Additional place information
Myanmar (Burma) 
Date made
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overall: 365 x 32 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 365 x 32 mm

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whistle; duct flute (object-14619)
Related subjects
object name: duct flutes
classified as: 421.221 (Single) flutes with internal duct

Record created 1999-12-26 by AHOLLOWAY
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