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Carved wooden group figure depicting a tiger biting the back of man's head, with another head on the back of the tiger, facing rearwards. The first head has a sharp nose, open mouth, and long neck, becoming the front of a two-pronged platform on which the tiger is standing. A hat or ridged headdress surmounts the head. The second head has blackened hair, a pointed nose, big mouth, hole in the chin, and a faint red spot in the middle of the forehead. Tiger has brown-painted spots and wavy line. The tail is partly missing. At the rear of the platform is a pair of truncated feet. These join in with those of 1969.264.


group figure (figure (art))

1 item (description level: top)
Broad category
Anthropology: Ethnography
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  group figure (figure (art))

Naga Hills, Nagaland, India, South Asia, Asia
Additional place information
made or collected:  Naga Hills 
Kiernan, Kenneth J.
Additional collector information
collector:  Kiernan, Kenneth J. 
Date collected
{earliest=1940, latest=1948, primary=true, value=1940 - 1948}
Additional date information
date collected:  1940 - 1948 
1940 - 1948 
Konyak; Naga
Additional culture information
maker or user:  Naga 
maker or user:  Konyak 

Materials & techniques
Additional material & technique information
material: wood (overall)
overall: 138 mm x 53 mm x 240 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 138 mm x 53 mm x 240 mm

Part of a collection made between 1940-1948 by the donor when the items were still in use. Collector's no. 52.
donor:  Kiernan, Kenneth J.  Undefined - 1969-06-03

Related objects
contains figure (art) (1969.264)
one of the pair:  figure (art) (object-53619)
Related subjects
association: Carved figures
maker or user: Naga
object name: group figures (figures (art))

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