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Fan of the Peyote cult made from black and white feathers and small shaped, red feathers bound by tubes of hide. The hide tubes are held in place at the top of a wooden handle which is also covered with a hide tube. A tassel made from hide strips is affixed to the other end.

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fan (ritual & belief: religious buildings & furnishings)

1 item (description level: whole)
Additional names, titles, or classifications
object name (Horniman Ethno.):  fan (ritual & belief: religious buildings & furnishings)

North America, Americas
Additional place information
made or collected:  North America 
Additional culture information
maker or user: Plains 

Materials & techniques
feathers; hide; beads; wood
Additional material & technique information
material: hide (binding)
material: beads (decoration)
material: wood (handle)
material: feathers (overall)
overall: 19.6063 x 5.3543 x 1.1024 in.; 498 x 136 x 28 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 19.6063 x 5.3543 x 1.1024 in.; 498 x 136 x 28 mm
label:  (Re: 22.12.68/684 23E2;Am65) Fan L:484 mm Peyote fan (Plains Indina) made from Hawk feathers. Info supplied by Mr.Imre Nagy of Tornyai Janos Museum, Hungary 18.5.92 .

Related subjects
material: bead
object name (Horniman Ethno.): fans (ritual & belief: religious buildings & furnishings)
material: feather
material: hide
maker or user: Plains Peoples
material: wood

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