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White paper scroll with red silk embroidered panel containing an inscription amid flowers and a butterfly. The large central character 壽 ‘shou’ refers to longevity. The column of six characters above right 丁德麗護士長indicates the identity of the person who was given this wall-hanging ’The Matron, Mrs. Ding’ (Ding de-li is her full name). The two characters below 榮慶 mean ‘in celebration of’. Combining the right hand columns together, they mean ’We congratulate Mrs. Ding the matron upon her attainment to so great an age’. The column on the left indicates the names of the two people Mr. Hung and Mrs. Song who gave this object to Mrs. Ding to celebrate her birthday. ['Matron' here refers to the woman in charge of the nursing in a hospital.]



Broad category
Anthropology: Ethnography
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  wall-hanging
object name (local):  wall-hanging

China, East Asia, Asia

Materials & techniques
paper, silk
overall: 1400 x 588 x 22 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: 1400 x 588 x 22 mm

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Related subjects
association: China

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