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Gajelu, a pair of anklets (Horniman Museum numbers: M30.3.53/50a and M30.3.53/50b), with pellet bells. Each of the hollow, circular anklets is decorated with eighteen roundels with concentric rings, bordered by simulated cords. Fourteen small integral rings encircle each anklet and attached to each one is a spherical pellet bell, with a slit at the bottom. The pellet bells have designs of concentric circles similar to those on the anklets. One pellet bell is missing from both of the anklets.


Musical Instruments

112.13 vessel rattles
Broad category
Musical Instruments, Idiophone
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  crotals
object name:  pellet bell
object name:  gajelu
catalogue title:  112.13 vessel rattles
display title:  112.13 vessel rattles

India; Asia
Additional place information
Date made
19th century
Additional date information
date made:  19th century 
date made:  before 1953 

Materials & techniques
copper alloy
Additional material & technique information
material: copper alloy (overall)
overall: x 15 x 160 mm
Additional measurement information
overall: x 15 x 160 mm

This instrument is used by dancers to convert kinetic energy to rhythmic patterns which are integral to the musical content.

Related subjects
object name: crotals
classified as: 112.13 Vessel rattles

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