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Pieces from woman's head from a tomb figure, with pierced elongated earlobes. Made from earthenware with white, black and red pigment. Became detached during the World Gallery redisplay.


component; figure (ritual & belief: representations)

2 items (description level: accessory)
Broad category
Anthropology: Archaeology
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  component; figure (ritual & belief: representations)

China, East Asia, Asia
Additional place information
made or collected:  China 
Date made
Western Han Dynasty
Additional date information
date made:  Western Han Dynasty 
date made:  200 - 600 AD 
label date:  Western Han dynasty (202 BCE – 23 CE) 
date made:  Western Han dynasty (202 BCE – 23 CE) 
date made:  200-600AD 
Chinese Peoples
Additional culture information
maker or user:  Chinese Peoples 

Materials & techniques
clay; pigment
Additional material & technique information
material: pigment (decoration)
material: clay (overall)

Bequeathed by Charles Kearley through the Art Fund
donor:  Kearley, Charles  Undefined - 1990-02-23

grave goods

Related objects
part of figure (ritual & belief: representations) (1990.75)
Related subjects
association: Archaeology
association: Figures
maker or user: Chinese Peoples
object name (Horniman Ethno.): figures (ritual & belief: representations)
object name: components
object name (Horniman Ethno.): figures (ritual & belief: representations)

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