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Our Favourite Butterflies

Our Butterfly House is full of dozens of different species of butterfly, but we point out five of the core species. To get up close and personal with these amazing creatures be sure to book tickets to visit our new Butterfly House - open all year round.

Blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus)

  • Blue Morpho, Caspar S
    , Caspar S

Morpho menelaus is one of the thirty species of butterfly in the Morphindae family and is known for its unique iridescent blue colour. Found across Central and South America, the Morpho's range stretches from Brazil to Mexico. They are also known for their slow and sloppy flight patterns.

Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon)

  • Tailed Jay Butterfly, Babujayan
    , Babujayan

The Tailed Jay is a predominantly green and black tropical butterfly that ranges from India, across Southeast Asia, to as far afield as Queensland, Australia. They are strong flyers and very rarely cease flapping their wings.

Glasswing Butterfly (Greta oto)

  • Glasswing Butterfly, Corsairoz
    , Corsairoz

The Glasswing is unique for its transparent wings and its unusual behaviour for butterflies such as long migrations and lekking.

Large Tree Nymph (Idea leuconoe)

  • Paper Kite Butterfly, Greg Hume
    , Greg Hume

Dispersed across Southeast Asia, the Large Tree Nymph has translucent silvery wings. Due to its diet, both the butterfly and its larvae are poisonous to eat. 

Red Postman (Heliconius erato)

  • Red Postman butterfly, Greg Hume
    , Greg Hume

The Red Postman can be found from Texas to Argentina and mimics the patterns of other butterflies to warn off predators.