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taxidermists (1880 - circa 1977)
Rowland Ward Ltd of Piccadilly, London, was one of the largest and most famous taxidermy firms in the world. It was founded in 1898 by James Rowland Ward, who had previously traded as J. Rowland Ward, and Ward & Co. Ltd. Ward made many hunting trips to Africa and India, and supplied many taxidermy specimens to museums throughout the world.

When Ward died in 1912 the company was bought by a businessman called J. B. Burlace. The firmwas sold again, in 1937, to the game enthusiasts Martin Stevens and Gerard Best.

The Piccadilly store, known as 'The Jungle', was closed in 1977 when taxidermy became less fashionable.

Ward set up a publishing company, also called Rowland Ward Ltd, in 1880, and published many books on game hunting and taxidermy techniques. This firm is still in operation.


taxidermists (1880 - circa 1977)
1880, London, England, UK, Western Europe, Europe  —  circa 1977, London, England, UK, Western Europe, Europe
British  taxidermists