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Taxidermy case of six adult male and four adult female Sanderling. According to Edward Hart, writing on 25 January 1927, 'From left (no 1): adult male, winter plumage; (no 2): adult female, winter plumage; (no 3): adult male, winter plumage; (no 4): adult male, winter plumage; second top right (no 5): adult female, summer plumage; top right (no 6) adult male, summer plumage; (no 7) adult female, summer plumage; (no 8) adult male, summer plumage; (no 9) adult female, summer plumage; (no 10) adult male, summer plumage. All of the above shot by me in Christchurch Harbour, May 27th 1866, June 1st 1867, January 1868 and December 1882. Sexes, summer differ, winter the same. Summer and winter plumage differ. Mounted by me'.

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Taxidermy case of six adult male and four adult female Sanderling by Edward Hart. Isle of Wight is featured in the background of the case.

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Sanderling (Calidris alba)
Natural History

adult male; female
10 items (description level: whole)

Broad category
Natural History: Zoology, Birds
Additional names, titles, or classifications
catalogue name:  Calidris alba
scientific name (Horniman taxonomy):  Calidris alba
previous specimen name:  Crocethia alba
catalogue title:  Sanderling
common name:  Sanderling

Hart, Edward
Additional collector information
collector:   Hart, Edward 
Place collected
Christchurch, Dorset, England, UK, Western Europe, Europe
Date collected
{earliest=1866, latest=1866, primary=true, value=27 May 1866; 1 June 1867; January 1868; December 1882}
Additional date information
date collected:  27 May 1866; 1 June 1867; January 1868; December 1882 
date collected:  27 May 1866 
date collected:  1 June 1867 
date collected:  January 1868 
December 1882 
Additional preparator information
preparator:   Hart, Edward 
Christchurch, Dorset, England, UK, Western Europe, Europe
Additional place information
Specimen form
taxidermy case
Additional specimen form information
material: taxidermy case (overall)

Edward Hart Collection
previous owner:  Hart, Edward  1866-05-27 - 1924
vendor:  Stowe School  1942 - 1983-03-31
previous owner:  Hall, John  1924 - Undefined
previous owner:  Hall, Patrick  Undefined - 1942

Related people
mounted by:  Hart, Edward 
Related subjects
material:    taxidermy case 

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