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A Visit from the Stroke Association

The Stroke Association's Communication Support Coordinator Rachel Morrison reports on a recent group visit to the Horniman.

Every year over 450 people have a stroke in Lewisham. The Stroke Association believes in Life After Stroke and runs services in Lewisham to support stroke survivors and their families. I run the Communication Support Service, which enables stroke survivors to attend weekly support groups. Survivors meet regularly and, together with trained volunteers, develop and practice communication skills and build their confidence. The group is a lifeline for many stroke survivors, and helps them to work towards their own personal goals and achievements.

We decided to go to the Horniman Museum recently instead of our usual group. It was a really fun day out, we were lucky that the sun was shining so were able to sit outside on the lawn for some coffee and cakes!  The museum is really easy to navigate and the exhibits are so varied that there was something for everyone. One group member said the aquarium had brought back memories of when she went scuba diving and others had enjoyed reminicing about musical instruments they used to play whilst looking around the music exhibit.

  • Music Gallery 2, Photo by Peter Cook
    , Photo by Peter Cook

We were able to take lots of photos so it should be fun looking back on them at the next group and having a good discussion. Quite a few people were inspired to visit the museum again, with one group member saying she had lived in Lewisham all her life and couldn’t believe she had never been to the Horniman before, she is hoping to go along with her family soon!

Group member Anne Jones also sent us her thoughts on the visit.

I hadn’t visited the Horniman Museum since my grandchildren were small, but I really enjoyed my visit. I liked seeing the fish in the aquarium, they looked wonderful, and we particularly liked watching the jellyfish opening in and out.

  • Aquarium - Jellyfish, Photo by Ludo Des Cognets
    , Photo by Ludo Des Cognets

The models of the man and woman in the African Worlds exhibition looked beautiful and really life like. I thought the models of the stuffed animals looked good but I wasn’t too keen on the models of the insects, I didn’t like them at all!

I didn’t get chance to see the clock this time but I would like to visit again and explore some more as there was so much to see.

At the end of our visit we sat outside the café in the sun and enjoyed a nice coffee while we planned our next visit to the museum. I enjoyed my visit and I’m planning to go again soon, next time I’ll be heading to the music exhibition!