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A Visit from the Woodcraft Folk

Earlier this month, Bromley Woodcraft Folk Elfins group visited the Horniman.

Their leader, Tracy, had recently taken part in our Community Training, and used what she'd learnt to plan a series of themed visits for her group. To start, she planned a session that included looking at the Benin Bronzes in the Hands on Base, exploring the Discovery Boxes in family groups, and doing some art and craft activities.

From our point of view it was a wonderful session - we had 28 souls on site from Bromley and Greenwich, Lewisham Folk. We had children as young as 1 and up to 11 years old.

The families really participated in the session and it was lovely to see parents working with their children. The children were very responsive and joined in really quickly which I think had a lot to do with the environment.

I am glad I attended the training as having been in the position of the participants helped me relate to their learning and it made me feel much more confident about the session.

- Tracy

Some of the group members also shared their thoughts on the visit.

You should really go to the Horniman Museum, and I mean it!!! With this museum you’ll never get bored.
When we went to the Horniman Museum we made some plaques, we touched some weird bits and bobs and we went outside and saw animals, music things and lots of different kinds of plants and we didn’t even explore half of the museum! So you see, you really should go to the Horniman Museum to see all its incredible features.

- Ben

We were led into quite a big room for something called Hands on Base. We sat on the floor on the carpet and the adults on chairs. A very friendly person called Rachel told us that she worked at the museum and was in charge of our session. She was very helpful and told us what a plaque was, for later we were doing a clay family inspired plaque. Also, she said that the Hands on Base is special because it is one of the few rooms where you can touch and hold things. This got me quite excited! We were allowed to look around and take things out of their boxes, which was also fun because there were loads of weird masks and puppets.
Then we the left the Hands on Base for a walk around the Horniman gardens for inspiration on our family inspired plaques. We all got a little bit carried away with the incredible musical instruments! Afterwards we all met inside again to start making our clay models. They all looked unbelievable!
Finally, we finished off with a little juice and biscuits. It was my best trip to the Horniman Museum, EVER!”

- Hanifah