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About the Art: Valerie Stack

The Friends’ Art Exhibition is held every year in our Conservatory and showcases paintings, prints, textile art and sculptures from South London’s artist community. 

The exhibition is a platform for new and established local artists and all proceeds contribute to Horniman Museum and Gardens projects.

This year, we are talking to some of the artists involved in the exhibition to find out more about their work. Here, we speak Valerie Stack about her work.

What is the story behind your artwork?

My current pieces are based around music and nature. I was walking by my local river one day when I spotted some reeds just rustling in the breeze and thought how much the leaves looked like birds hiding amongst the greenery. I am also fascinated by how music is presented in nature, from a group of geese sounding like a horn section, to the chirps of song thrushes and blackbirds.

  • Floragramma, Valerie Stack
    , Valerie Stack

What inspires you in day-to-day life?

I look for inspiration in everything around me; it could be a view from a cafe window, an overheard conversation on the train or reading an interesting article.

Why do you think it is important to support local artists?

Art, if it is allowed to thrive can be very inclusive as there is something about it that seems to lift, enrich and inspire. 

  • Bird Sanctuary, Valerie Stack
    , Valerie Stack