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Horniman Halloween Horrors

Last year, on our twitter account, we asked our followers to suggest scary things from our collection. Here are their spooky suggestions:

Certainly a strange looking creature, with what looks like the head of a monkey and tail of a fish, our merman is one of our scariest - although it's actually not as scary as it looks.


Dog's Heads

Maybe they were once someone's much loved pets, but now these dogs' heads are stuffed and perched on a wall. Best not to think about how they got there...


Glass Armonica
This musical instrument makes a very spooky sound, a kind of eerie wailing.


Some followers said they found our wonderful walrus scary. We disagree - our walrus isn't spooky in the least! 
Try though he might...! 
  • Our Walrus trying to be spooky..., Walrus under dust sheets during renovations
    Walrus under dust sheets during renovations
What do you think? If you've seen something scary here, you could find it online and tag it as scary - or see what our visitors have found scary or spooky.