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How big is a crocodile's brain? A Year in Review

As another busy year kicks off the schools team, we look back at the sessions, questions, objects, and activities we have experienced over the last academic year.

Last year, over 30,000 pupils visited for school sessions with an additional 15000 pupils exploring the Museum galleries. We had giant robots, ‘plantastic’ plants, and a huge redevelopment project. But in addition to all of that, school session visitors got to handle real museum objects, to explore them for themselves, and answer and discover questions about these objects.

So how big is a crocodile’s brain? What’s a turtle shell made of? When did people discover fire? Why did the Ancient Egyptians mummify a bird? Which animal in the world has the most teeth? How do butterflies taste with their feet? These are just some of the questions we are asked. We don’t always know the answers, but luckily we have a team of curators to ask for any particularly tricky questions.

In the past year, we introduced new sensory SEND sessions, said goodbye to a fox, won an award, dressed up as jellyfish, and much more. Now after a nice break we're looking forward to next term when we will be meeting some butterflies, visiting new galleries, teaching new sessions, and of course trying to answer more questions.

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