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About this event

Join us in the Music Gallery to discover 3,000 years of round flutes and learn to play the English Ocarina yourself.

David and Christa Liggins will bring to life the sounds, stories and worldwide history of Ocarinas in a lightning tour which will include reference to items on display in the museum as well as live demonstration on their own historical instruments.

The Hear it Live! demonstration is to be held in the Music Gallery from 2.30 - 3pm. All are welcome.

A hands-on Ocarina Workshops in the adjoining room will run from 3.15pm - 4pm and is suitable for ages seven to adult.

Borrow an English Ocarina and learn to play a scale of notes and several tunes with expert tuition from David and Christa. Or bring £10 to equip yourself with your own Ocarina and Music Book to play on the day and take away to enjoy at home.

'The 4-hole Oc' by Ocarina Workshop is played in schools and is the winner of the 'Best Music Education Product Award' in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. The award citation stated: "This Ocarina combines creative potential, ease of use, affordability and practicality".

The four finger holes of the English Ocarina give 14 accurately tuned notes and the unique OcPix™ and OcBox™ finger-charts that accompany the musical notation show clearly which note to play. You will be amazed how much music is possible and how many proper tunes you will play in such a short time.

The Ocarina has revolutionised music-making in schools using Ocarina Workshop's innovative teaching methods for whole class instrumental teaching. Come along and learn a new skill to share with your class.


David Liggins taught music in Leicester from 1976 to 1979, developing groundbreaking music-teaching methods with guitars, keyboards, tin whistles and singing; Christa Liggins taught languages in Kettering from 1985 to 1989. After their marriage, Christa joined David to work full-time with ocarinas in a rapidly growing business.

A commitment to excellence has seen David and Christa researching the ocarina’s history in locations as remote as the Atacama Desert in Chile, performing on ocarinas with their children in Italy, Switzerland and Norway and introducing ocarinas worldwide through their Ocarina Workshops, Festivals and Teacher Training. Their children also played with Masquerade Ocarinas in the National Festival of Music for Youth 2005, winning an Outstanding Junior Performance Award. In 2013 they created a new Guinness World Record for the "LARGEST OCARINA ENSEMBLE" with an astonishing 3,081 primary school children and their teachers.

David and Christa are known worldwide as Ocarina Experts and their articles are published in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2001), New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (2014) and at Oxford Music Online.