Eve Salomon

Eve Salomon, with a background as a solicitor, is an international legal expert for the Council of Europe, the OSCE and UNESCO.
Having lived in southeast London since the age of 25, Eve has a long-standing love affair with the Horniman stemming from it being the favourite rainy-day outing when her children were young. The opportunity to give something back to her beloved Horniman has made chairing the trustee board a true pleasure. She seeks to mirror the community invitation of the Horniman to ensure that all board members feel appreciated and welcome. Eve has advised governments, regulatory authorities and international organisations on human rights and media-related issues in dozens of different countries. She chairs Privacy International, an NGO which advocates for strong privacy protections and safeguards in law and technology. Eve is a former Chair of the Regulatory Board of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and of the Internet Watch Foundation. She is also a teacher of Alexander Technique, working with both individual clients and with leadership groups in organisations developing capacity for embodied presence and enhanced awareness.