Sensory Trail: Explore and Discover

Go on an adventure and use your senses to explore our Gardens. These are some of our favourite spots, but you might discover some of your own...

You can use your senses to explore our Gardens all year long. Look out for pictures below to find the places around the Gardens.

Try the trail during the different seasons and see what’s growing and changing in the Gardens at different times of the year.

These are some of our favourite spots, but you might discover some of your own!

Look out for the symbols around the Gardens you see below.

Location: Clocktower and Avenue paths

  • Smell different plants and compare their scents. How are they different?
  • Gently rub a leaf between your fingertips, then bring them up to your nose. What can you smell?

A drawing of a nose sniffing

Location: Sunken Gardens

  • Listen to the sounds of people: what can you hear?
  • What can you hear in different parts of the Gardens?
  • Listen to the sounds of nature: what can you hear?
  • Where was the best place to hear birds, insects or the wind?

Drawing of an ear with sound lines

Location: Meadow Field

  • Play I spy or maybe try rolling down the hill.
  • Hunt for natural treasures on the ground, like conkers, leaves or acorns.
  • Make up a story about the animals you see in the Gardens

Drawing of two people playing

Location: Behind the tree across the path from the Gardens Toilets, opposite the Bandstand

  • Touch some of the natural materials here – logs, stalks and leaves.
  • Did you touch anything prickly, smooth, lumpy or furry?
  • Make some art using natural materials you find in the Gardens, like leaves, burrs and conkers.
  • Take off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes.

Drawing of a hand

Location: Prehistoric Garden

Look at the view – is it the same all year? What changes do you notice in different seasons?

Measure your shadow using the sundial near the Prehistoric Garden. Is it longer or shorter at different times of year?

Drawing of an eye

Location: South Downs Meadow (for step free access, view the meadow from the terrace to the side of Horniman Drive gate).

  • Relax in a quiet spot in this corner of the Gardens.
  • Enjoy the natural world around you – what can you see, hear or smell?
  • Find somewhere to sit or lie down, close your eyes if you want.
  • Try not to chat and think about what is around you as you sit or lie there.

drawing of someone sitting