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About the Exhibition

Visit Shauna Richardson's beautifully crafted, life-size crochet animal sculptures, inspired and informed by natural history.

Crochetdermy® is a term invented by Shauna Richardson to describe her technique. Crochetdermy® translates as Crochet Skin. Crochet: needlework consisting of the interlocking of looped stitches formed with a single thread and hooked needle. Derm: skin. 

Part natural history, part anthropology, EVOLUTION of The Artist and The Exhibited Works features family trees, graphs, diagrams and realistic life-size Crochetdermy® animals.

Trophy heads of animals including a bear, lioness and wild boar look down at visitors from the walls, while monkeys and an ‘Evolution’ graphics panel chart the development of Shauna’s work and life as an artist from inherited traits, skills learned and adaptation to environment.

From the Artist

I grew up visiting natural history museums. Within the stillness I found a rich source of wonder and imagining and the link between these visits and my work is plain to see.

 Once an endangered craft in this country, crochet has seen a revival and the future looks positive.

Within natural history collections we find all too many species now tragically extinct but without this visual reminder, perhaps people would forget about conservation. I feel it is important not to give up hope on our ability to improve the natural world. Shauna Richardson