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About this event

Ever wondered what plants sound like?

Come hear and dance to their rhythms, as part of this performance to accompany The Lore of the Land exhibition.

This live music event explores the sound of plants recorded in the Horniman’s Gardens. Korda invites local musicians Jahdiafolila, and Rudefood to join her in remixing Sensitive Chaos, the soundscape at the centre of the exhibition in The Studio. Korda used a specially made device to record plant signals, which were processed through synthesisers giving the plants a voice.

These musicians will develop an improvised live score to respond to a live electronic remix of plant sounds, field recordings, synthesisers and sampling. 

Get ready to be moved by the sentient possibilities of the plant kingdom.

  • Rudefood is a South London based electronic musician using sampling, synthesisers and drum machines to create his own unique fusion of trip hop and acid house music.
  • Jaidiafolila is based in South London and is originally from Senegal. He is a master of the djembe and has spent many years learning and collecting traditional rhythms from Senegal, Mali and Guinea which he combines to create his own unique drumming style. Jaidiafolila will be joined by drummers Charlotte Gomis and Hugo Weissbart.
  • Serena Korda is an artist based in London working with sound, sculpture, film and performance. She is fascinated by the materiality of sound and creates immersive installations that respond to the resonance and unpremeditated rhythms of nature. These often become sites of personal interest that she views as portals into other worlds.