Access All Areas Seminar

Join us for this special event where our panellists share their expert insight on the contemporary music industry landscape. 

Access All Areas run panel discussions, networking, and music showcase events. This new series launches at the Horniman with a special event:

Indie, Major or DIY? Do Artists NEED a Record Label in 2022?

With the growth of online streaming platforms, digital distribution and free marketing tools, do contemporary musicians still need a record label to be a success, or can you do it independently?

The panel will be moderated by Access All Areas resident Jay McGregor from Reprezent Radio, and hosted by Access All Areas resident DJ Longers.


  • Rich Castillo – Director of A&R at Atlantic Records
  • Dumi Oburota – Global A&R Consultant at The Orchard
  • Shaurav D’ Silva –  CEO at 2-Tone Entertainment
  • Abi Lufadeju – Head of Business Affairs at Big Dada
  • Hanaa Cali – Marketing Manager at Virgin Music
  • Lauren Powell – Marketing Manager at Hidden Courage
  • Ben Wynter – Entrepreneur and Outreach Manager at AIM

There will also be a chance for guests to network, as well as a new artist showcase.

The showcase will feature live performances from:

  • Billy O’B
  • Dash Powers
  • YTwo Wooly

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