Find out who our trustees and senior management team are, and learn more about our curatorial staff and their backgrounds.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens’ team of curators and experts cover a wide range of topics from marine biology, world cultures, gardening, the animal world, and the history of music making and instruments.

Museum and Gardens staff are actively involved in researching the collections and fieldwork, and collecting in their areas of specialism, resulting in publications, conference presentations, exhibitions, broadcasts and film.

Senior Management Team

A woman is seen from mid torso up. She is wearing a black spotted jacket and is smiling. Behind her is a gallery which is blurred.

Victoria Pinnington

Chief Executive (Interim)
and Director, Communications and Income Generation
A woman is seen from the waist up wearing a dark blue jacket. She is smiling and stood in front of some bamboo outside.

Paula Thomas

Director of Finance and Corporate Services
A woman stands in front of a low hedge, with a garden behind it. She is wearing a blue dress, and has white hair and glasses

Kirsten Walker

Director, Collections Care and Estates
Peronel Craddock portrait at the Horniman

Peronel Craddock

Director of Content (Interim)


Errol Fernandes in the Horniman Gardens

Errol Reuben Fernandes

Head of Horticulture
Korantema Anyimadu in the World gallery

Korantema Anyimadu

Senior Curator of Anthropology (job share)
Louis Buckley

Louis Buckley

Senior Curator, Nature + Love
Portrait of Saava Benjamin Busenze Balagadde in the Music Gallery

Saava Benjamin Busenze Balagadde

Assistant Curator of Musical Collections and Cultures
A man in a blue top is seen from the chest up in front of a large aquarium stank with small fishes and corals in it

Jamie Craggs

Aquarium Curator and Living Collections Manager
Annette Foerger

Annette Foerger

Senior Gardener
Hartley George in the Aquarium

Hartley George

Assistant Aquarium Curator
A woman seen from the waist up is wearing a blue jacket and is smiling. She is stood in front of some blue museum cases with taxidermy animals in them like fish, deer and antelope

Jo Hatton

Principal Curator of Natural Sciences
Chris Hughes stands on the Natural History balcony

Chris Hughes

Assistant Curator, Natural Sciences, Nature + Love
A man wearing an orange jumper and round glasses stands in a gallery, in front of a display case. He has dark hair and facial hair

Navjot Mangat

Senior Curator of Social Practice
A woman standing behind an open piano, smiling. She is wearing a pink scarf

Mimi S Waitzman

Senior Curator of Musical Collections and Cultures


Michael Salter-Church MBE

Michael Salter-Church MBE

Trustee (Chair)
A woman seen from the waist up standing outside with a city skyline in the background. She is wearing a red top, has her arms crossed and is smiling at the camera.

Carole Souter

Caroline Cole headshot

Caroline Cole

Diana Maine portrait

Diana Maine

Eva Appelbaum headshot

Eva Appelbaum

A woman seen from the shoulders up stands outside in the sunlight smiling. She stands in front of a stone building

Mayowa Ochere

Nick Wyver

Nick Wyver

A man in a suit stands unsmiling in front of a pale backdrop

Nico Iacuzzi

Trustee Roma Dibua

Roma Dibua

Portrait image of man wearing suit and tie

Surojit Ghosh

A man is seen from the knee up sitting in a chair with one arm resting on the back of it. He is wearing a suit and is sitting indoors.

Simon Hesketh

Yesomi Umolu

Yesomi Umolu


Heads of Section

A shadow puppet made of very thin paper, as seen through a glass case. the puppet is wearing an ornate red outfit and we see only the face but it is hard to tell whether they are male or female

Managerial staff