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A overly round taxidermy walrus sits on top of a fake iceberg in a gallery with a white curved roof. It is surrounded by cakes of objects and a balcony is seen above with a metal rail.

Around the Horniman

Discover what you can see and do on your day out to the Horniman, from strolling around our Gardens to getting up close with marine life in our Aquarium.

The majority of the Horniman is free to enter, with a charge for our Butterfly House and Aquarium, as well as occasional exhibitions and events.

You can find lots of information below about the places you can visit, the displays you will see, as well as the sights and features of the Horniman. 

We also have lots of trails and tours that you can take at your own pace. Find out which are the best for you.

Trails, tours and activities

Big blooming peach roses in a flower bed with a path leading to a wooden gate behind them. The sky is blue and there are a few trees in the background

Gardens Walk

Walking is one of the simplest exercises we can do; even 10-minute…
A shallow metal water fountain with a reflection of a clocktower in it. The water in tinged with green

Architectural Walk

Clocktower The impressive Clocktower has become an iconic feature of the Horniman…
A sundial in the shape of a Butterfly, sat in amongst some shrubbery

Sundial Trail

Solar time is a bit different from clock time. We…