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two skulls with their mouths visible only side by side. Both have large teeth


What are we working on? Read about the different projects we are working on, as well as those we have worked on in the past.

From gallery refurbishments to collaborations with source communities, from research into coral reproduction to celebrating the music scene in South London.

Current projects

A pair of hands are weaving colourful thin wires around a circular base. Lots of the wires are sticking out in all directions

The Studio

The Studio is a contemporary arts space at the Horniman, developed as part of the redisplay and redevelopment work with our anthropology collections.
Two strips of colour , top purple and bottom black with a torn paper effect. There is a gap to the right of the paper with people wearing headphones.


The Horniman’s 696 Resident Artists programme supports music artists at the cutting edge of south London’s music scene.
A glass case, seen diagonally, filled with objects grouped by category, like shells, masks, red things, strangers and danger.

Community perspectives

There is an area in the Horniman’s World Gallery called ‘Perspectives’. It is about arranging museum objects in groups to tell a story.
A woman's head and shoulders as seen from behind. Her hair is segmented into sections with the hair forming bunches. She is wearing colourful earrings, a green jumper and is seen against a pink background

Hair, Untold Stories

At the Horniman we are currently researching within our collections, and beyond, to create a new exhibition – Hair, Untold Stories – which will open in October 2021.
A print from a Nigerian wallpaper design, made up of repeating images of combs, radios, leaves and an oval shape


1 October 2020 marks 60 years since Nigeria became independent. Nigeria60 brings together prominent Nigerian thinkers and creatives to respond to this moment, and talk about the way in which it is imprinted in the present.
Two clumps of spiny pink corals against a black background. There are hundred or tiny pink circular eggs being released from them and floating upward

Project Coral

Project Coral is an innovative coral reproductive research project led by the Horniman Aquarium with international partners to develop techniques to stimulate coral reproduction.

Past projects