Gardens Appeal

The Horniman Gardens are a wonderful green space for our local community, and recent years have seen them play an even more important role

With stunning views across London, our 16 acres of award-winning Gardens are perfect for spotting urban wildlife, architectural treasures, or just a good place to unwind.

Come rain or shine, our Gardens are here for everyone to enjoy and it’s wonderful to see them being used every day. From daily exercise and dog walking in the Meadow Field and quality family time in the Sound Garden, to friends catching up over a hot drink overlooking our Sunken Gardens or inquisitive school children in our Bee Garden, there’s something for everyone.

The museum was a haven for me when I was a new mother with two young children. Your green and communal space is vital to the mental wellbeing of so many people and I hope it will continue to be so in the future.
Horniman supporter

In the last year we have developed a whole new area of the garden with our London Road Tree Planting project. This planting of new native trees and shrubs will provide a natural and safe environment for wildlife and enhance biodiversity, provide shade and improve air quality and reduce noise pollution and create a brilliant barrier between the Gardens and the main road.

The Horniman Gardens are free for everyone, everyday – but we need your help.

Our Gardens are free to everyone to visit all year round but the costs of the plants, expert gardeners and equipment to keep them open are over £300,000 per year. From daily garden maintenance and repairs, to pruning our roses, to new seasonal planting and care of the nature trail, there’s always a lot of work going on to keep our Gardens a sanctuary for visitors and wildlife. Just cutting the grass is a major undertaking and 16 acres can take a lot of watering in hot weather (and we recycle 187,000 litres of waste water from the Aquarium’s water filters to the gardens each year).

Support the Horniman Gardens today

If you love our Gardens and want to help keep them special please make a donation towards their year-round care and maintenance. It will make such a difference to our gardens team.

£200 Donation

A donation of £200 could help maintain our Wildlife Garden which is used by thousands of schoolchildren each year as an interactive outdoor classroom.

£100 Donation

A donation of £100 could pay to maintain our ride on mowers to ensure our lawns and meadows are cut for the thousands of children who run around our Gardens to their heart’s content every year.

£60 Donation

A donation of £60 could help us keep our ornamental displays looking wonderful for all our visitors to enjoy every day.

£30 Donation

A donation of £30 could help us purchase bulbs, plants and seeds that we need each year to keep our Gardens looking healthy and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

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Support us with a one-off or recurring donation

You've been a lifeline during the pandemic and an amazing asset to have on our doorstep during the past 10 years.
Horniman supporter

By donating to our general Gardens Appeal, you will help the Horniman to continue offering a peaceful place to enhance people’s wellbeing, whilst providing a fantastic resource for wildlife.