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Plans, policies and reporting

Find out all about our plans for the future, the policies relating to how we work and other documents about the progress of our work.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is a charitable company, limited by guarantee.

It is also a Non-Departmental Public Body of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This means that although it receives a large part of its funding in the form of Grant in Aid from DCMS, it operates at “arms length” from central government.

Corporate Planning

We produce regular Corporate Plans to guide our activities over the coming years. The most recent covers the period from 2019-2022.

Our Corporate Plan 2019-2022 shows the main activities and programmes we will be engaged in over the next three years.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

The Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020 includes the Trustees’ Report and financial details on activities within the Museum and Gardens during 2019-2020.

Management Agreement

This is the funding agreement between the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

Sector Support

This report details how Horniman Museum and Gardens’ staff run, support and feed into high quality networks at a national, regional, local and international level.

The Horniman has many policies which cover our procedures and plans. Download the policies below.

Borrowing specimens

These policies cover procedures for all outgoing and incoming loans of objects or specimens for exhibition or study purposes, whatever the duration.

Learn more about loans from our collections.

Collections Development Policy

This document sets out the policy guiding the Horniman Museum and Garden’s acquisition of objects into, and disposal of objects from, it’s permanent collections

Data Protection and Privacy

These documents set out the Horniman Museum and Garden’s data protection policy, data retention guidelines, and privacy notice.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The Horniman welcomes all visitors to the Museum and Gardens and is fully committed, both as an employer and as a service provider, to implementing its obligations to its diverse range of visitors and to all those who work at the Horniman.

Ethical Fundraising Policy

The objective of our fundraising activity is to support the Horniman’s mission and our work by active and effective raising of funds, whilst ensuring a commitment to our values and protecting the integrity and reputation of the Horniman at all times.

Health and Safety Policy

The Horniman Trustees, management and staff provide a safe and healthy environment for staff, visitors, volunteers, contractors and everyone else who may come onto the Museum, Gardens and stores.

Safeguarding Policy

We are committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk during their visit, and this document sets out the Horniman Museum and Gardens’ Safeguarding Policy Statement.

Any safeguarding concerns should be reported via

Statement of Learning - values and principles

The Learning team connects people with the Horniman’s collections, displays and Gardens, designing inclusive activities where enjoyment, inspiration, respect and understanding can flourish.

Our highly-regarded formal, family, adult, youth and community engagement programmes address a broad range of learners’ interests and needs with the aim of enhancing wellbeing, inspiring a lifetime of curiosity, and creating access to culture.

Publication Scheme

The Horniman’s Publication Scheme sets out details of how the Horniman makes information about itself available to the public.

Sustainability Policy

The Museum and Gardens are committed to working towards the goals of sustainable development through a programme of gradual and continuous environmental improvement.

Read about some of the ways the Horniman has been getting greener.


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