Art in the Gardens: Sounds of Nature

See art boards co-created by a Goldsmiths Art and Ecology MA graduate and students at Conisborough College, inspired by the Museum’s music collection and the sounds of nature.

Over the course of four workshops run by a Goldsmiths Art and Ecology MA graduate, Conisborough College students created artwork inspired by music as well as sounds of nature from the Horniman Gardens.

Students explored sound and drawing techniques as tools for noticing and connecting with our shared environment. They responded to the Horniman Gardens through sonic activities and considered climate and ecological issues that were relevant to them. The five boards show students’ works that were created during the workshops.

To create the work students drew around their hands and were asked to write down the emotions they were feeling. They described being in a place that made them feel good. The students made marks inspired by listening to music and lyrics about the environment as well as natural sounds. They then created collages based on the marks and forms they had created.

See the results of this partnership on display in the Horniman Gardens throughout the summer.

Conisborough College

Conisborough College is a secondary school in Lewisham. The students who attend the school bring with them a diversity of experiences and backgrounds – both socially and culturally – and the school community is built on the strengths of this local diversity. The project gave Year 10 art pupils the opportunity to play an active part in their local community, and the chance to motivate and inspire others through their artwork.

Rhiannon Hunter

Rhiannon Hunter is a London based artist who works across film, text, sound and installation. Her art practice is concerned with relationships with place and the multiplicity of encounter that tangles human and non-human agents, memory, and personal and collective storytelling.