Bloody Late

Join us for this special evening dissecting the scientific and symbolic nature of blood, with performances, music, talks and more activities in a similar vein.

This event has now ended.

Solo for Two by Jean Abreu:

Choreographer Jean Abreu presents an exclusive excerpt from his latest performance, ‘Solo for Two’. This contemporary duet examines the process of loss, healing, renewal, and transformation.

The dance will be directly followed by a short talk from Belgian Dramaturg, Guy Cools discussing the themes, inspiration, and development of the piece.

Co-commissioned by the South Bank Centre and the Horniman, and Supported by Arts Council England, Swindon Dance and Frequency Festival Lincoln.

Trilogy of Horrors by TumbleDry Theatre:

TumbleDry Theatre presents three classic horror stories adapted from three great writers.

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, a chilling account of a descent into paranoid madness and murder, which driving down into the darkest parts of the human soul.

Charles Dickens’ The Signal-Man, the narrator tells of an unnerving meeting with a railway signalman, who claims to be visited by a ghost warning him of an oncoming accident.

Mary Shelley’s The Mortal Immortal, in which a man tells of his youth working as an apprentice to an alchemist trying to create the elixir of life, the key to immortality.

Paso Doble Performance with Cocorola Dance Club:

See a performance of this passionate Latin dance led by Richard and Tessa Tandy of Cocorola Dance Club and its dramatic interpretation of the drama of the Spanish bullring.

Haunting Harmonies:

Hear haunting harmonies from the Raise the Roof Choir, who will perform specially selected musical sets around the Horniman during the Late.

Blood on the Dancefloor:

The evening ends with an hour-long Halloween and blood inspired party set by vocalist Lorena Dale.

Bloody makeup:

Learn to create fake wounds, bloody slashes and perfect your Halloween makeup with ArtyCat Faces.

Paso Doble workshop with Cocorola Dance Club:

Following their performance, take part in a workshop with Richard and Tessa Tandy of Cocorola Dance Club to learn part of the lively Spanish dance.

Music Gallery:

Explore rites of passage with this tour with Keeper of Musical Instruments, Margaret Birley, exploring instruments used in key life moments.

Natural History Gallery:

Get your heart pumping with this bloody tour from Deputy Natural History Keeper, Dr Emma-Louise Nicholls. Her talk on blood will feature anecdotes, facts, and rumours about blood drinkers and users.

Bloody gifs:

Jump in the Showtime Photo Booth to create a spooky Halloween GIF of you and your friends. Email it to yourself or share it straight to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.