Make your own dinosaur bag

Join Make Mee Studio to learn how to turn an old piece of clothing and scrap fabrics into a roar-some dinosaur bag!

Choose your favourite colours for the spikes and tail and add your own face design to make it unique to you.

The main part of the bag will be made from recycled and upcycled fabric scraps. Super cute and eco-friendly.

Parents and carers, you will need to stay with your child while they take part in the workshop, as they may need some assistance with hand sewing. We will be using sharp needles and scissors. When on the sewing machine, children will press the foot pedal while the fabric will be guided by expert Make Mee teachers.

About Make Mee Studio

Make Mee Studio is a sewing ‘sew’cial enterprise based in Lewisham.

They have been teaching children and adults to sew and running a whole host of workshops for the local community for the past six years. Their aim is to make creativity as accessible, inclusive and environmentally and socially beneficial as possible. Saving the world one stitch at a time.