Navjot Mangat

Navjot Mangat joined the Horniman Museum and Gardens as Senior Curator of Social Practice in January 2022.
Navjot’s work focuses on participatory practice and its applications across different strands of museum work, from conservation and collections management to exhibition development and research, thinking about how communities can have more agency and influence over museum processes. He is passionate about making museums more accessible for those communities and people that have been historically marginalised and underrepresented. At the Horniman, Navjot will apply this practice and approach across exhibitions, programmes and processes, hoping to pilot new ways of working that centre our audiences and communities at the heart of what we do and how we do it. He is currently developing and consulting on a major new exhibition for 2023. Navjot joined the Horniman from the Victoria and Albert Museum where he was Senior Interpretation and Participation Producer for V&A East and previously worked at Royal Museums Greenwich, Culture& and the National Army Museum. He is a Trustee of The Line Art-Walk and a member of the Museums Association Decolonisation Working Group. Born and raised in east London, Navjot enjoys going to galleries and museums in his spare time, and has a collection of trainers built up over a decade.


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Photography © Suki Dhanda