A virtual Monkey Business art exhibition

Drumbeat School & Autism Spectrum Disorder Services shares their pupil’s work, creating a new virtual art exhibition inspired by Monkey Business.

Art at Drumbeat School

Drumbeat School serves children aged 4-19 who have been diagnosed with autism.

Art is proving to be a very effective therapy for our students, helping to meet the challenges that autism presents. Through drawing, painting, and making, children can learn about their emotions, how to cope with situations, and explore social interactions.

Exploring different art materials helps children develop stronger fine and gross motor skills and allows them more flexibility in unfamiliar situations. It also allows children with ASD to convey their feelings in new ways.

To further this, Drumbeat School decided to have dedicated school-wide ‘Arts Weeks’ focusing on specific topics. Rather than the usual art class, this would be a deeper exploration of art as a form of self-expression to enable students’ creativity and imagination.

Working collaboratively, like for this exhibition, on a single piece of art improves peer relationships. In this type of setting, one child will start something and the work is passed to the next person, who adds to the work until everyone has contributed their part. This activity allows the children to acknowledge those around them and be more aware of others and their involvement in the project.

The Virtual Exhibition

Our virtual exhibition showcases a variety of 3D art, focused on monkeys and their habitats. Students took inspiration from videos and photographs about Monkey Business.

The exhibition gave our students a fantastic opportunity to learn about monkeys and the challenges they face due to climate change and habitat loss. Discussions about environmental issues inspired our students to reuse packaging such as boxes and newspapers.

The works on display in the virtual exhibition highlight the school’s dedication to creative exploration and team work.

We are so proud of what the students have achieved, and are delighted that the Horniman Museum and Gardens are exhibiting work from students with significant challenges. All our students have a diagnosis of autism and art offers a therapeutic outlet to their creativity and ambitions.

See the images of the artwork below.