#AskaCurator Day 2021

#AskACurator Day is coming up on 15 September 2021, and it’s the perfect chance to get all of your questions answered.

Got a burning questions about walruses? Need to know more about the tuba? Desperately seeking some gardening advice?

Tweet us your questions @HornimanMuseum, or use the hashtag #AskACurator and one of our amazing curators will answer your question.

Below is a schedule for which curators will be answering your questions when, so you know exactly when to check back for answers. Or, even better, tune in for the whole day and learn lots about the Horniman, how it works, and our curators.

10am – 12pm

Michelle Calvert, Deputy Aquarium Curator and Adem Holness, Music Curator.

12pm – 2pm

Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, Senior Curator of Anthropology, Sarah Sinka, Collections Access Officer and Charlotte Ridley Conservation Officer.

2pm – 4pm

Jonathan Whitson-Cloud, Knowledge and Information Manager, Errol Fernandes, Head of Horticulture, Jamie Craggs, Aquarium Curator and Carole Destre, Climate and Ecology Coordinator.


Margaret Birley, Principal Curator of Musical Collections and Cultures, JC Niala, Acting Keeper of Anthropology and Laura Cronin, Collections Assistant.