Visit The Time Sculptor in the Gardens

Artist Ansuman Biswas is taking up a residency in the Horniman, looking for your thoughts and reflections coming out of lockdown.

The Horniman had been planning to keep a resident Hermit.

Ansuman Biswas – The Time Sculptor – would be holed up in the Clocktower now, attempting to stop time, but his hermitage was abandoned when the whole world stopped…

Now, as we all gradually ease out of lockdown, he is here to celebrate our new beginnings, with a Solstice ritual.

The Time Sculptor offers us an opportunity to emerge from solitude and gather together once again in a collective public conversation.

While the Museum remains closed, The Time Sculptor has invited the Horniman’s curators to suggest items from their collection to help us think about time, isolation, and disease.

The Time Sculptor would also love to hear from you. Tell us

  • How has lockdown affected your experience of time?
  • What will you most remember about this period?
  • What are you glad to have left behind?
  • What object symbolises your lockdown?
  • What futures have you lost?
  • What do you hope for?


Visit The Time Sculptor On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June in the Horniman Gardens to tell him your answers.

If you aren’t local to the Horniman Gardens, send us your answers on social using #Horniman or by email to

Your answers will be gathered into a capsule to be buried under an English Oak tree planted by the Time Sculptor in the Horniman Gardens.