London Road Tree Planting Appeal

The Horniman Gardens have always been a wonderful resource for all of our local community, and this past year has seen them play an even more important role in helping people’s mental health and wellbeing.

We now want to enhance the Gardens for the whole community by creating a more welcoming, safe and peaceful haven for people and wildlife.  One of the country’s busiest and most congested roads – London’s South Circular (A205) – runs alongside the Horniman. As a result, our Gardens and the wildlife that live there suffer from noise and air pollution at an increasing rate.

This year, we are tackling this problem and we need your help.

Here’s what we have planned:

Map of gardens with road . Area of green land shaded in green.

We will improve the existing plant border on the boundary of the garden running parallel to the A205. This new area has been carefully designed in the theme of a woodland edge habitat. The planting will provide a natural and safe environment for wildlife and enhance biodiversity, provide shade and improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

Starting with a line of densely planted native trees, we will plant a mix of native shrubs, herbaceous plants and bulbs to produce a mid-layer and ground cover planting. The grass will be left to grow long and return to a meadow. These layers of vegetation will create a brilliant barrier between the Gardens and the main road.

By supporting our London Road Tree Planting Appeal, you will help the Horniman achieve some incredible things.

  • Create a visual barrier to London’s busy South Circular
  • Improve CO2 absorption and reduce noise pollution in the Gardens
  • Enhance people’s wellbeing by creating a more peaceful place
  • Provide a fantastic resource for wildlife
  • Create new and diverse planting of native shrubs and trees
  • Installation of log piles and bird boxes to encourage wildlife

We want to raise £10,000 for the trees, shrubs and planting plus a further £10,000 to help care for the new planting in its first five years until it is fully established.  Any additional donations will be used for general gardens year-round care and maintenance.*

If you love our Gardens and want to make a difference, why not show your appreciation by making a donation. It will make a huge impact.

£300 Donation
A donation of £300 could support 5 mixed native trees. These hardy trees will form the backbone of this garden; they will support a wide range of insects and the light shade they will cast will allow shrubby and other plants to grow beneath their canopy, helping to continually enhance this woodland edge habitat.

£150 Donation
A donation of £150 could help us purchase five mixed shrubs which will produce layers of vegetation and provide a fantastic resource for wildlife.

£60 Donation
A donation of £60 could help us purchase a tree to provide shade and improve air quality.

£30 Donation
A donation of £30 could help us purchase herbaceous perennials and mixed bulbs which will create a vital barrier between the garden and the main road.

£15 Donation
A donation of £15 could help us purchase bulbs, plants and seeds to ensure this woodland border is densely planted.

As a thank you for your donation, you will receive a personalised thank you email and quarterly updates from our Gardens and Fundraising teams. Donations of £300 or more will receive an invitation to come and meet the Gardens team on the day the native trees are planted.

I’m Joe Swift and I’m proud to be a supporter and Ambassador for the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

I do hope you’ll join me in supporting this wonderful appeal. Your donation will make a big difference to the people and wildlife who use and live in the garden.
Joe Swift, Garden designer and television presenter

*We have set a revised stretch target to ensure we have the resources available to care for the planting in its first five years and to raise funds for year-round care and maintenance of all the garden and nature trail.