Home Education Workshops

Join us for exciting, interactive object handling workshops for home educated children this autumn.

Upcoming workshops

Wednesday 24 January – Amazon Rainforest: People and Animals

1.15pm–2.15pm | home educated children aged 7–13 years | £3.25 per child

What is life like in the Amazon Rainforest?

Get up close to taxidermy animals such as caiman, armadillo and tarantula, and discover how their amazingly adapted bodies help them survive in the rainforest.

Handle traditional objects handmade by the Wai-Wai people; a group living in the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana and Northern Brazil, to learn about traditional life in the rainforest.

Consider how the climate crisis is impacting life in the rainforest today, and discuss solutions for positive change.

Wednesday 7 February – Animals and Their Habitats

1.30pm–2.30pm | home educated children aged 5–10 years | £3.25 per child

How have animals adapted to their homes? Discover for yourself as you get ‘hands on’ with incredible taxidermy animals from different habitats including the Arctic, a savannah and a woodland.

Identify animals, examine their features and think about some of the challenges these creatures face in our changing world.

Thursday 29 February – Annual home education day

Tickets will be released in January 2024.

All day, for home education children of all ages. The day will feature a range of workshops exploring creative arts, nature and wellbeing.

More information will be released shortly.

Monday 25 March – The Kingdom of Benin

12pm–1pm | home educated children aged 8–14 years | £3.25 per child

Learn about the culture, beliefs and achievements of the African Kingdom of Benin, by handling incredible artworks made by brass casters in modern day Benin City.

Uncover the stories told in modern brass plaques by exploring the symbols and images within them; discover how the Oba used objects to show his power; and see the stages of the incredible Lost Wax Process.

Hear the modern history of the artefacts displayed in our Museum; looted in 1897 from Benin City. These objects were purchased by Frederick Horniman, and held in the Museum’s collection for over 120 years. Ownership of these objects was returned to the Nigerian government in November 2022, and we will discuss the significance of this together.

Coming in the Summer Term 2024

Tickets will be released in March 2024

Friday 26 April – Pond Dipping and outdoor habitats

10.30am–12pm | home educated children aged 5–9 years

Friday 24 May – African Kingdoms

1.45pm–3.15pm | home educated children aged 10–15 years

Monday 17 June – Pond dipping and outdoor habitats

10.30am–12pm | home educated children aged 8–13 years

Ticket information

  • Ticket price includes one child with one accompanying adult
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Please arrive 10 min before the start of the workshop, latecomers cannot be admitted
  • Only children booked onto the workshop may attend with their accompanying adult. Younger siblings cannot attend as spaces are limited
  • Please ensure you book your child onto the age appropriate workshop to ensure learners get the most out of the session
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