Internal Landscapes

Internal Landscapes is a collective art exhibition curated and produced by Dima Karout.

Internal Landscapes is a creative investigation into Lewisham’s meaningful places and how they inspire and shape its people.

Dima invited local people to a series of curated conversations where they explored how the places we inhabit imprint themselves on our personal and collective identities. This display, and the Internal Landscapes art book, are inspired by these encounters.

The project

In January 2022, arts curator and creative director, Dima Karout took up residence at Lewisham Council and communities, as part of the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture.

Dima engaged in conversations with policy makers and local organisations, explored the connections between migration and democracy, created new partnerships and produced a community-building programme. Her project focused on inclusion and engaged with Lewisham’s vision as the UK’s first Borough of Sanctuary.

Her creative conversations, printmaking and writing workshops were produced in partnership with Crofton Park, Corbett, Manor House and Sydenham Community Libraries and Lewisham Local. Inspired by these encounters Dima produced the Internal Landscapes art book and this collective exhibition. It contains reflections from locals on their experiences within their neighbourhood, and glimpses into new connections fostered by the project.

Dima Karout

Dima is an arts curator and creative director with multicultural education background and 20 years international experience in designing art projects and learning programmes. She specialises in contemporary art and its potential for expanding ideas, building creative communities and initiating social change.

Images from the Art Book

‘Over 100 voices and perspectives shaped this outcome. They informed this positive narrative of a place at a moment in time, and the people who contribute to its social fabric with all its textures. I hope you sit with these prints, sketches, stories, places, people, and get inspired by them. I did, greatly.’
Dima Karout

Banner image: Monoprint by Dima Karout. Details from the art book cover.

Part of We Are Lewisham, the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022.