Nigeria60: 60 Years of Independence

Nigeria60: 60 Years of Independence contains the Horniman's collection from 1960s Nigeria and objects collected by designer and artist Alafuro Sikoki-Coleman from the same period.

1 October 2020 marked 60 years since Nigeria attained independence.

This display is part of a wider conversation at the Horniman focusing on the way memories of Nigerian independence are imprinted in the present through objects, images, and words.

Sikoki-Coleman’s collection forms part of her expanding body of work called Private Atlas: Nigeria 1960.

Today, Nigeria has 36 states and one federal capital territory, over 350 spoken languages, and many distinct histories and cultures. These long pre-date the drawing of Nigeria’s current borders in 1914 by the British colonial administration.

Alafuro Sikoki-Coleman

Alafuro is an industrial designer and artist. She founded Studio Sikoki, a design, art and research facility for exploring the dynamics between objects, users and the environment. Alafuro’s work on gender photography, furniture and artefact design, conceptual installations and fashion sculpture has been widely exhibited globally and she has given lectures and presentations on her studio practice, cultural significance and community engagement. Alafuro Sikoki-Coleman’s piece Woyingi is currently on display in the Nigerian encounter of the World Gallery. Follow Alafuro: @studiosikoki