World Oceans Day virtual schools session

Celebrate World Oceans Day by exploring the world of coral with the Horniman's Aquarium team.

In celebration of World Oceans Day, the Horniman is inviting schools from across the UK to learn about the wonders of corals from our amazing experts!

The Horniman Aquarium is developing techniques to encourage corals to reproduce, and in 2013 we became the first institution globally to purposefully reproduce broadcast coral in captivity.

In this live virtual session, pupils will meet our experts, learn about their work, and have the opportunity to ask them questions. We will find out what corals are, explore living corals on camera, learn about the threats facing them, and what you can do to help save them.

Recommended for Key Stage 2.

Important Information

  • This virtual event is only available to school groups.
  • Teachers must use their school email address when they register. Unfortunately, we cannot send the event link to non-school email addresses.
  • A Zoom link will be sent no later than one week before the event, along with a link to a page where participating classes can submit their questions for our aquarium team.
  • A ticket will grant you access for one Zoom log in from one device. This could be for one class accessing the session in their classroom, or for a number of classes joining together in the same space.
  • Classes joining separately from different devices need to purchase multiple tickets.
  • Please do not share the Zoom link with others to ensure that all ticket holders can access the session.