Nature Challenge: Autumn’s Arrival

Make the most of autumn with these simple, fun activities.

Tips for helping hedgehogs

Make leaf or log piles for hedgehogs to nest and hibernate.

Cover up big drain holes as hedgehogs can easily slip down into them.

Do not leave bin bags on the ground as hedgehogs may crawl into them in search of food and get trapped.

Open holes on your fence to make it easy for hedgehogs to travel through.


Build a hedgehog hotel. Cut two side air vents and an entrance into a plastic box. Ask an adult for help.

Put some leaf litter inside the box with dry grass or straw on top.

Tuck the box near a hedge with the entrance facing south.

Cover the top of the box with twigs, dry grass and leaves. Job done!

Leaf games

Watch leaves dance as they fall to the ground.

Collect leaves to create a path or maze for your family and friends to follow.

Lay leaves on the ground to make shapes like snakes or insects.

Do leaves float or sink? Find out!

Do some leaf rubbings.

Make a natural paintbrush from leaves, tied together with string/twine and use muddy water to paint on rocks.


Go on a hunt to match these leaf colours and find these leaf shapes.

Draw a weather chart for a week.