Oceania Review

We reviewed the Pacific ethnographic collections in our stores and on display at the Horniman.

From March 2011 to June 2012, we ran a review of our collections from Oceania – including weapons, tools, ceremonial objects, adornments, textiles, garments, containers, musical instruments, bags, baskets and more.

We completed a total review of the Oceania collections, providing geographical-ethnic attributions and descriptions, corroborating or correcting locations, documenting materials, other numbers, inscriptions and labels, as well as conserving and photographing highlight objects.

Project Achievements

  • 5,800 objects seen, described and location-checked
  • 5,200 objects attributed to a place of origin and/or ethnicity
  • 200 objects conserved
  • 800 objects measured
  • 1,800 objects photographed