A Horniman Wedding at the Horniman

Frederick Horniman’s great, great, great-granddaughter, is keeping it in the family as she prepares for her wedding in our Conservatory this weekend. Hilary writes for us about why she decided to hold her wedding in her ancestor's museum.

I met my future husband Chris through a mutual friend, nearly five years ago in London. We currently live together in Wapping and are getting married in the Horniman’s Conservatory on Saturday 23 August 2014.

I grew up in London and visited the Horniman many times as a child, both with my grandparents, Hugh and Jessica Wyatt (nee Horniman), and on school trips, where I would proudly tell the rest of the class it was “my great grandpa’s museum”. Not strictly true, and probably very irritating!

I hadn’t been to the Horniman for many years, when on a date with Chris we found ourselves at a loose end at Victoria train station. Chris suggested we get on the next train and go on an adventure – the next train happened to go to Forest Hill. So at about 8pm we found ourselves at the Horniman peering through the railings at “my great grandpa’s museum”. We’ve been back many times since, taking friends and their children to see the walrus and other curiosities, and attending events including the opening of the new Gardens.

I will be wearing a dress of my grandmother’s on my wedding day and a necklace that belonged to my great grandmother Lucille Horniman, which was given to me by my grandmother on my 18th birthday.

It will be bittersweet to get married in one of her favourite places without her there, but I know she would have approved because she wasn’t very subtle and I remember her hinting that the Museum would be a wonderful place for a wedding, before Chris had proposed! Michael Horniman, my great uncle, will be attending and I know he’s pleased too.

For me the museum represents the sense of adventure and love of travel that my adored grandparents instilled in me. I feel incredibly proud to be getting married there.


Here’s a picture of Hilary and Chris on their wedding day with Hilary’s great uncle, Michael Horniman.

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