Redstart Arts Discovery Box

Redstart Arts have been running creative projects at the Horniman for several years. Artist Cash Aspeek describes their current work on the Discovery Box project.

Over fifteen different community partners are helping the Horniman to create new boxes that will be used by other visitors and groups for years to come.

Redstart Arts are making their own Discovery box for the Horniman . These are like mini museums using a group of objects that follow a theme, in this case, chosen by the group. The objects the group is choosing are from the Horniman handling collection as well as handmade objects by the Redstarts (artist with learning disability) themselves especially for the project.

Redstart Arts’ theme is ‘Protection’. During the past two years the Redstarts have become familiar with the museum’s galleries and many of the objects displayed in them.

Each Redstart artist has had been allowed the time and space to select objects that they are particularly drawn to and make studies of them. These objects all had the common theme of protection, and so the box was titled.

All the sessions for this project involve a group activity where we come together to look at, and experience a selection of objects from the Hands on Base gallery or the Natural History Gallery.

For example, handling objects relating to our chosen theme or looking at animals that protect themselves and their young in particular ways. Each Redstart is able to connect to different areas of the museums collection and show their interest in the form of drawings, photographs, and conversation, which may come about through story telling and dramatic scenarios. The artist educators and museum staff are very excited with the way the project has developed and are captivated by the incredible focus of the individual Redstart artists.